Education Is Not Learning

Education is about getting a degree, not learning. Learning is about understanding more about yourself and your world. Why are you going to school? ‘To get a degree’ most college kids will answer, I did. Does having gone to school make me any smarter than someone who didn’t? No. Absolutely not, and I can point out people to prove it.

What will set you apart from others is learning. Constant learning, the thirst for knowledge, is where you will begin to rise above your situation. I didn’t get here by nature. I have learned a lot by reading, and listening to others who have gone before me. Learning is a higher level than education. Learning should be the goal, not a degree. Ignore the letter’s, if you didn’t learn anything from school, or college, then you failed.


2 thoughts on “Education Is Not Learning

  1. This relates to one of the themes in the movie Slumdog Millionare (Very good movie btw). When Jamal is accused of cheating on the game show, an officer says; doctors, lawyers, college professors and scientist did not get as a far or answer as many questions correctly as you did, how can you a slumdog with no education who grew up in the streets know the correct answers. Of course we find out over the course of the movie but the bottom line is through life experiences. Every event in his life whether tragic or happy taught him something. So while I believe an education is important so are trying new things, social interactions and learning by living life. I’m sure someone who is “street smart” might surprise you by how smart they really are!

  2. Hie Nathan, I actually disagree somewhat. Education is the thirst or the stimulus behind learning. And going to school does make a person smarter, because that’s how a child learns logical reasoning and obtains a motivation for learning. What you actually are talking about, and even Kyizen, is actually literacy. But literacy through the education systems surely develops mathematical and other skills in a person and an aptitude of garnering knowledge. Yes it is not necessary that the source of knowledge is books alone, we absorb from environment, the people around, our mentors and hands-on experience also. That’s how the character in Slumdog Millionaire was so crisp.

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