404 Item Not Found – Can’t

Can’t. I have been trying very hard to get this word out of my dictionary. I don’t like it. I don’t want it. It is a silly word that only encourages excuses and negativity. There is nothing you or I can’t do. Can’t limits your potential and your ability. Sometimes other people try to force it on you, but in the end you feel you have to accept that you ‘can’t’ that’s bullocks.

My substitute for can’t is won’t. I will not. You have the ability, but you will not. You can, but you won’t. Say it: “I can.” You can do anything you want, your potential is limitless. I believe if you substitute won’t for can’t you will begin to see a whole new world of possibilities open up for you. The change will be noticeable anywhere.

Try it, anytime you find yourself saying I can’t, replace it with won’t. You’ll feel empowered.


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