Fool’s Gold: Pride

I have always debated if pride is a positive or a negative trait. One of my principles is Humility, making the problem more complicated. Can I be humble and proud at the same time? I’ll admit, I am naturally proud, often times to the point of arrogance. While I still have debates with myself, I have come to the conclusion that pride is not necessarily negative. I also know the line between pride and arrogance is very thin.

Anyone who has competed believes they are equal to their competition. We have seen competitions where one team lacks the belief they can win, this is never a pretty sight. The danger lies when you believe you are far superior to your opponent. We have also seen competitions where the underdog outperformed the favorite. College football is a great place to see this happen. Between these two scenarios exists the line between pride and arrogance.

Without pride you can’t fully develop your abilities. Why try to get good at something you don’t believe you can compete at? On the flip side, why try to improve yourself if you are so much better than the competition? Pride vs. Arrogance.

Pride really hurts us in relationships. We get into an argument and we feel so great when we win. Do you ever stop to think the cost of that victory? I know sometimes I forget that price, and it can cost us dearly. It’s a fool’s game trying to win arguments. If you need an example, read Ben Franklin’s biography. He wasn’t very liked when he was younger due to his need to prove others wrong. It wasn’t until he corrected this error that he became respected. Don’t let foolish pride get in the way of your relationships. You will gain more friends by being wrong than by being right. Keep this in mind when you are dealing with your friends. The relationship is more important than your pride.


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