Series of Fortunate Events

“Fortune favors the bold” – Virgil

I clicked on Wordful after commenting on a post over at Problogger. I commented and started to scan a few other comments. One comment was by Charles Bohannan who linked to his blog Wordful. Here is the post I landed on. After reading that post, I spent an hour or so scouring Charles’ blog, which is about blogging, writing, and editting.

In my world, this is known as a series of fortunate events. I have been looking for tips on blogging and writing. I’ve found some good books, and problogger is good, though quite honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming. Charles’ blog is simple and concise. The ideas are good and the writing itself doesn’t detract from the ideas (which some blogs do, this is my curse for reading on how to write, I notice bad writing now).

If you are looking for something, you’ll need some momentum to find it. Sitting home won’t help you. You need to get out and meet people and the winds of fate will bring you what you seek. Once you start looking, life will throw you a series of fortunate events.


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