Why Should YOU Listen to ME?

I feel a little awkward giving advice to others. What do I know, I’m just a kid. I’m only 24, no outstanding IQ, not an extraordinary work ethic. I don’t possess anything outstanding that indicates you should listen to me any more than you listen to the next guy. So why should you listen to me? I’ll tell you why: good ideas come from everywhere.

And I mean everywhere. If you limit yourself to only listening to ‘the experts’ then you’re hurting yourself. You are limiting your intake of ideas. You’re lens for looking through the world is narrower. Good ideas don’t just come from ‘experts’ they come from everywhere. Here are a few examples:

The Young

Sure they don’t have the wisdom and their knowledge is limited, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have great ideas. They’re views are pretty simple. They can sometime confound us with pearls of wisdom that we overlook. We make things so complicated sometimes it takes the voice of innocence to wake us up.

The Old

One of the greatest atrocities I see is the treatment of our nation’s elderly. They should be revered. They have great reservoirs of wisdom, and it would only be prudent of us to listen and listen intently when they speak. Albus Dumbledore said “Youth cannot know how age thinks and feels.” One way to find out is to ask and listen.

The Rich and famous

The rich and famous have a unique knowledge of things. They get the opportunity to be around people, places, and things that the rest of us can only dream about. And they’re not as inaccessible as you would imagine, try sending them a letter, I’d bet you got a response.

The Poor

Just like the rich, the poor see things the rest of us miss. What we take for granted some people don’t even consider an option. They have life experiences that have taught them better than any blog or text book you or I could lay our eyes on. If we don’t listen to them, then we are the poor ones.

Everyone is a fountain of information. Everyone has ideas and opinions that when shared could spark some interesting discussion. All you have to do is listen carefully enough. Don’t limit your sources of information just because of labels. I don’t know everything, but what I do know, I am going to share. You can not listen because I’m a little green around the gills. In the end, that’s your loss. Not mine. Widen your horizon by listening.

Who do you get your good ideas from?


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