What Matters Most

I know, I know a whole lot of little things

And even though I confess them one by one

She would still be gone

Her eyes are blue, her hair is long

In ’64 she was born in Baton Rouge

Her favorite song is “In My Life”

I memorized her every move

I knew her books, her car, her cloths

But I paid no attention to what mattered most

-“What Mattered Most” by Ty Herndon

What matters more your dreams or your eye color? Your favorite food or your dream job? The music you listen to or your memories?

What matters most is what a person is on the inside. What a person thinks, feels, dreams are at the core of their being. You can read all the myspace surveys about a person and not know anything about them.

You want to have true connections with people, find out what matters most.


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