1000 Visitors: You Guys Rock

Tuesday December 16, I reached the 1000 visitor mark to the site. I know it’s a really small number, but big accomplishments come in small sizes. I’ll take what I can get. I’m going to give you guys a breakdown by month so you can compare. I’m always curious how others are doing. I’m sure you guys are. So here is my breakdown since I started:


To get an idea of my posting rate here is the breakdown (done manually I wish WordPress offered this)


You can see I have had runs of consistency posting wise and the readers follow. I’m not quite sure why may is such a spike as that is when I fell off. I think that is when my April article were really circulating well, especially this one, which is my all time leader in hits. If I could work with WordPress, something I’m not very good at, I would have my ‘top posts’ be of all time, not within the past few days.

All in all I am really stoked. I’ve still got two weeks of post lined up, and the ideas keep coming. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the blog as much as I am enjoying writing it.


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