Poll: How am I doing

It’s been over a month, I’m still writing consistently, and seeing steady increases in readership. It’s time to get some feedback. What do you like, what don’t you like? Do you have post ideas you’d like to see? Any ideas, suggestions, or comments you have post them in the comments. Positive, negative, lay it on me. I’m writing for you so your say means a lot to me.


3 thoughts on “Poll: How am I doing

  1. Hi Nate — I like your consistency, first of all. I’m still struggling with that. It’s such a simple concept, too: write consistently and your readership will grow.

    I think you ought to move to a non-Wordpress.com site and think of a new catchy name for your blog. There’s a lot in a name. It took me months to come up with mine — I’m sure you won’t take as long. This will give you more of an edge of authority in your posts.

    Lastly, try to add a few graphics to your posts. I just started doing it and while it’s not the greatest, it does give some variation to the text.

    Just a few of my humble suggestions…

    • Thanks for your input Charles, I really appreciate it.

      I keep trying to think of new names that still apply. Its tough but eventually I’ll think of something.

      I struggle with finding graphics. Not one of my strong suits. I’ll have to put more effort into it I guess.

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