Want to Make a Million Dollars?

Ideas are worth gold. Notebooks are good for jotting ideas. However, storing your ideas in a notebook is like storing money in the coffee can in the cupboard, not very effective. Do something with your notes. Turn them into action.

We fill notebooks with ideas, and the ideas stay in the notebooks. Shame on us. Notebooks are not closets, they don’t  store things. They are lousy filing systems. When you are done with a sheet of notebook paper tear it out, and put it in your inbox. Process the ideas on the paper. Use the ideas.

In today’s world ideas are king. And instead of having yours work for you, they are being wasted. STOP! Stop wasting your most valuable asset. Take out your old notebooks, read through them and turn the notes into actions. Put them in your inbox. Process them. Use them. Those notes contain ideas which are worth a million dollars.

Why do you have a million dollars in a coffee can in the cupboard???


One thought on “Want to Make a Million Dollars?

  1. That’s the spirit, Nate. Notebooks for me serve two main purposes: to get my ideas out no matter how bad or good they are (purge and move on) and also to get me writing.

    Thought and Action are the most rudimentary aspects of any successful endeavor.

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