Future vs. Now – A Fight to YOUR Death

Do not act as if you were going to live ten thousand years. – Marcus Aurelius

We must find a balance between living for the future, and living for today.

Living for today.

Go out. Have fun. Spend your hard earned money. Do what makes you laugh and what you like to do. You might die tomorrow, and if you do, at least you made today memorable. Say ‘I love you’ to loved ones. Hell say it to every one. Hug, kiss, play, laugh, grow. Enjoy yourself. Splurge a little bit. Treat yourself. Do what you’ve been holding off until later. Take a trip. Call an old friend. Live for today, you may not be around tomorrow. Don’t screw this up; it’s your one and only life.

Living for the future.

Have a goal. What do you want? Begin with the end in mind. Save your money for a rainy day. Save and plan for that cruise. The laws of sowing and reaping are working for you. If you sow now you will reap a more bountiful harvest later. The laws of compounding are on your side too (no it doesn’t just apply to bank interest, trust me). Exercise so your body will last longer. In the future you have a family, a house, and a family pet waiting for you, make sure to take them into account. It will be a most wonderful life.

How will you achieve both of these scenarios?


One thought on “Future vs. Now – A Fight to YOUR Death

  1. What a fascinating dilemma you’ve proposed, Nate. My answer is to first find balance within, then these matters you speak will work themselves out.

    Of course it never quite works that smoothly, right? I’d say I’ve been living in the now for quite some time and it’s caught up to me. Now I have a family to take care of and I must always be mindful of the (their) future. But kids live in the now, so I also have to live that part as well.

    Such is life on the path of knowledge.

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