Your problems don’t matter

While people watching in a mall today, a group of mentally handicap people passed by. I was stricken by a notion that we are the fortunate ones. Our problems, shallow as they are, aren’t really problems. They are inconveniences.

What right do we have to complain? After everything we’ve been given, we have the nerve to belly ache that it isn’t good enough, shame on us. Honor to those who truly suffer, and still have the courage to live.

“Count your blessings, not your problems”


3 thoughts on “Your problems don’t matter

  1. Hi, Nate — your post came at the exact moment I was reflecting on this. There is truth in what you say, and I also think we all suffer (relatively) in some way.

    How we accept and process that suffering determines how our character evolves or erodes. The same goes with other people’s suffering and how we handle that.

    For me, people who have little to zero awareness of others’ suffering are very hard to relate to beyond a conversation about the weather.

  2. Who are you to say my problems don’t matter? Does a fish care about global warming, the obvious answer is NO, sure it will feel the effects but it has no worries that one day 10, 20, 50 years into the future his home will be changed or worse destroyed. Yet it is us who do worry about that, not only for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children. The fish…well they don’t care cause they don’t understand enough to care. It is your own selfish nature as a educated male to personalize the problems of others and make them your own.

    Although these ‘inconveniences’ as you call them may seem to YOU as less fortune, are they really? Do they have same responsibilities as me or you, do they pay bills or lose their home if they don’t, do they have deadlines, time constraints. Think of the kindly people who are their caregivers and the stress on their lives although they would never admit it god bless their souls. So the next you have an inconvenience blocking your path in life, walk around and think ignorance is bliss!

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