What If

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed watching 7th Heaven. I still like to watch it. It has good story lines without being cheesy. Eric Camden was the father, and notorious for pearls of wisdom. One of his tenets was to never play the ‘what if’ game.

“We can’t afford to play what if. We have to stay with what is…”-Eric Camden

He would never live in the land of what could have been, he always stood steadfastly in the present. I believe this is a good belief to have. If you are always rooted in the present you can deal with problems much better than wondering what may happen.

I myself like to spend a great deal of time in fantasy land thinking about what might happen. However, I am also fully aware that real change happens now. There are a set of factual circumstances I have to account for in order to get to my fantasy land.

It is ok to dream, but you can only spend so much time with your head in the clouds before you have to come down and get to work.


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