Natural Rhythms – Ups and Downs

I feel a bit down. I feel as if everyone is messing with me. Everyone is testing me, to see how I react. It’s frustrating. Maybe it’s one of life’s tests. No one can be up all the time. It’s impossible no matter how hard I try. What do we do when life pushes us around? Push back. So I’m pushing. I’m fighting through it.

When life gets hard, don’t get fancy. Go back to the basics. Right now I’m not experimenting; I am reverting back to my old time tested habits. I rely heavily on my values to dictate my choices. Fighting through something means using your strengths. Experiment when you are up and won’t be so discouraged by the negatives. When you are down, concentrate on the basics, the actions and ideas that you know work. You will get through it. It’s just a matter of time.


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