A Book for Better Writing

My writing has changed recently, I’m sure you have noticed. A week ago, I took a trip to the library. Looking for a book recommended by Trent at TSD, The Ultimate Dividend Playbook. I also wanted a book on writing as well. I found the area where writing books were and started looking. I spotted one by Stephen King. He must know what he is talking about so I took a quick scan. I read the jacket cover, the back, the chapters, and finally the introduction, that’s how you effectively scan a book by the way.

In the introduction he mentioned a book by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White called “The Elements of Style.” I looked to see if that was in the library and it was. I did a quick scan of that book and decided to take it out. I am reading it currently and a trying to put it’s advice into practice.

It has plenty of good tips that have me editing my posts from the past month. It’s short and straight to the point without a lot of ‘bullshit’ as King writes. You will get a lot of wheat without the chafe. Beginning writers and bloggers would greatly benefit from reading it.


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