Lessons From Almost Spending $10,000

“Passion, plus work ethic, plus good decision making, in your personal life equals W win in the game of life” – Dick Vitale

In early September I went to the Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony. It was two days of basketball stars. I went because Patrick Ewing is my friend’s favorite player, and this was a once in a lifetime chance to see him enshrined. The highlight of the first night was hearing Dick Vitale speak. You can listen here at YouTube. It was an AMAZING speech, and I was very moved by it.

On the second night, they had an auction to raise funds for the Basketball Hall of Fame. One of the auctions was a dinner and a baseball game with Dickie V. I told my friend as we were looking at the different auctions, that this was the one I wanted the most.

The time came to bid on the dinner. The bidding got to about $6,000 and I was thinking about bidding. I thought, I could probably manage $6,000, and I wanted that dinner. That’s when Dickie V stood up. He encouraged the bidding with his usual enthusiasm, he said it was worth at least $10,000. So the auctioneer asked for $10,000. I was antsy, I wanted to bid. I knew I didn’t have that much money, but I had most of it, and a few months of overtime would have paid for it, I knew I would manage eventually. I whispered to my friend that I wanted to bid. ‘No’ he said disbelievingly. I knew he was thinking I shouldn’t bid on it. I knew I shouldn’t bid on it, but I wanted to. Next minute two people bid $10,000 and the bids were accepted. I sighed, and thought, ‘my lord, I almost spent $10,000.’

After I was done with the weekend I went home, and I sat myself down. I almost spent ten grand. It would have been amazing to have lunch with Dickie V. But I had to be honest with myself. I thought of all the questions I might ask him, and there wasn’t one that I didn’t already know the answer to. I already knew what he would most likely say. I knew. And I almost spent ten grand to hear it. I thought to myself, what would I change in my life for $10,000? I came a hairsbreadth from spending $10,000, I sure as hell better know what I would change for that amount of money. I knew what I had to change. I knew what needed to be done. I had been putting it off for so long. I may have been doing some of those things, but not nearly as diligently as I should have. And the rest weren’t getting done at all. I was busy having fun, more fun than I needed.

I think the problem isn’t knowledge. We know what we need to get done. The problem is we procrastinate, make excuses, get sidetracked by things that aren’t as important. If I were to pay you $10,000 would you stop procrastinating? Would you do what you KNEW needed to be done? I know I would, and I did.

You know what you have to do in your life. You may even have it all planned out. If you’re not doing those things, then you’re wasting your life. Not wasting time, not wasting money, wasting your life. You know what needs to be done. So stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. Stop getting sidetracked by the things that aren’t important. Make a difference. Live up to your enormous potential.


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