Arguing With Myself

“Responsibility is the price of greatness.” -Winston Churchill

I argue with myself all the time. I have mini discussions over decisions I want to make, plans I am making, and things I want to do, among other things. I am completely fine with this. We all talk to ourselves to some degree. One side of the conversation is telling me what I should do. The second side is telling me what I want to do.

I want to surf the internet more–I should be working.

I want to eat the candy bar–I should wait for dinner.

I want to watch TV—I should read instead

I want to sleep in five more minutes—I should get up

I want to eat out with friends—I should save that money

I want to ignore the pain in my arm—I should go to the doctor

I want vs. I should. It’s a non stop effort in life to balance the two. You will always have things you should be doing, and things you want to do. The list never ceases, and every decision is a choice one way or another.

When you feed one side, it gets used to being fed. The disadvantage to this lies in our basic nature. We naturally hear the I want side. All you have to do is watch a baby and know that we are born with that I want voice in our heads. As we grow the I should voice becomes more noticeable. Sometimes our parents play a key part in nurturing our I should side. Sometimes we must nurture it ourselves. Either way it needs to be nurtured or the I want side is all we have to listen to. When we do nurture the I should side, it gets stronger and stronger, and it starts to balance out the I want side. You will then find yourself wanting to do the I shoulds, that’s when life gets good.

I believe the key to life is a balance between I want vs. I should. And each persons balance is different. You have to do each of them, you can’t ignore the I shoulds and you can’t ignore the I wants. When you find the right balance for you, that is when life becomes oh so sweet.


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