Self Growth Weekly Roundup

Weekly Roundup – Ode to The Simple Dollar


As you will come to find I am a big fan of The Simple Dollar (TSD). It is my gateway drug into blogs, and subsequently blogging. Before TSD I never read blogs. I don’t quite remember how I found it, though I think it was linked from a Yahoo! Finance article. I wish I could recall, but such is the nature of life changing events. You don’t know until years later how greatly it is going to impact you. Trent, writer of TSD, introduced me to JD of Get Rich Slowly, Leo of Zen Habits, as well as some of the other blogs I read. These two blogs are also very influential to me, and it is all because of Trent. He has become somewhat of a role model to me. Thursday, Trent celebrated his 2 year anniversary. He gave us links to some of his favorite posts from TSD. Most I recall vividly though somehow I missed a few. *GASP* I made sure to read the ones I missed and re-read some I already read, but wanted to read again.


Two Years of The Simple Dollar: My 25 Favorite Articles of the Past Year


Pocketful of Dough


A great story about bribing to get tables at famous restaurants. I got nervous just reading it. I want to try it, maybe sometime in the future.


The Best Halloween Costumes Are Homemade


I usually make my own Halloween costumes. These were some great ideas from my friends at Wise Bread.


Go Green and Get Some Holiday Shopping Bucks with RadioShack!


I love my Mother Nature.


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