Reaching My Goal

This post is number 30. Not that I’ve posted so far, but that I’ve written in the month of October. When I got back from a vacation to Washington state, I decided I really wanted to write the blog. It is something that I have tried before but never done well. This time I didn’t want to start and finish. So I decided I would write posts and not publish them. This way if I didn’t like it I could stop, and come back later. Fortunately I was able to maintain my writing for nearly a month. It feels really good to have reached the goal. Few things are better in life than setting a goal and attaining it.

So what are some things I learned?

I learned to go at my own pace.

My favorite blogger, Trent at The Simple Dollar, writes 2 posts a day. I simply don’t want to write that much. I think I’m going to settle into 5 posts a week, then expand to 6 or 7 if I feel I have enough material.

30 days is a long time.

I’ve been writing since October 2nd. You’d think this would be no time at all, but it feels like I have written a ton of great content, enough for a years worth of posts. But it’s only been 30 posts worth. Time is freaky.

I set a goal and I achieved it. Now it’s time to set a new goal.

I will write 1 post a day for every day in November by November 30 2008.

I hope you guys enjoy the content.


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