Try, Try Again

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

I watched a documentary last night called “Hoop Dreams“. I love basketball so it seemed an appropriate documentary for me to watch. It followed the lives of two young men who try to make it from high school basketball to College and the pros.

One of the boys, William Gates, at the end of the film said that playing basketball stopped feeling like fun, and started to feel like a job. He lost his passion.

This happens. To all of us. It happened to me, which is why I stopped writing.

You have to know when to fight through a low, and when to walk away. I chose to walk away rather than writing half-ass, half-hearted posts.

Sometimes quitting isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes we just change.

If you do lose your passion try the following.


Stop all related activities. Take a break clear your head, reenergize. Even the Iphone needs to be recharged every once in a while. Sometimes all we need is a nice long charge.


When you feel you are rested, think about why you were passionate about it. Ask yourself if you still want to do it. If you do decide to keep on doing it, then ask yourself why you became disengaged the last time. Try to plan out how to stop that from happening a second time. If you decide it’s not for you then quit. Try something else. A rule of thumb, if your passions change, change with them. Don’t force yourself to do something you have lost heart for, you will only make it worse, and that will lead to an unhappy life.


“Try, Try again” Retry your passion, or retry finding something else you are passionate about. Above all don’t stop trying to find something you’re passionate about. Even if you’ve looked and looked and still haven’t found it, keep looking. I promise you will find it eventually.


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