Saved By Myself

I’m going to stick with our theme of my struggle on Friday.

Yesterday I talked about the need for others. Today I’m going to do the opposite and talking about stepping away.

Sometimes when life gets rough, we need to step away. We need to be alone, to collect ourselves. We may be too explosive to talk to anyone. It’s going to happen. Trust your instincts and determine whether you need someone, or to be alone.

You may not need to get away for long either. Friday, I got away for 2 hours and I was able to get control of myself where I knew I was back in control. Later that night I talked to the co-worker I mentioned yesterday, but first I needed to be alone.

Here are some good ways to step away:

1. Listen to Music-Find your favorite tune and play it, or perhaps something that fits your mood. Friday mine was: “Mad World” by Michael Andrews.

2. Meditate-sometimes, just sitting in silence helps.  Go someplace quiet or you can be alone and meditate.

3. Pray-if you’re religious and perhaps praying to whoever you pray to my help.

4.  Nature-go out into the wilderness, go someplace quiet away from all the technology and hustle and bustle of daily life and just be out there.  I like to do this at night, when I can see the stars, few things that suits me more than looking at the stars on a cool night.

Any one of these suggestions may be used to get away from everything.

What are a few other examples of good ways to step away?


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