Saved By Another

You need other people. You cannot live without them. When times get hard, like they did for me yesterday, we need to reach out and talk to someone. Maybe it’s not a close friend, but someone. My savior yesterday came in the form of a co-worker. He just gave me someone to vent to, and sometimes that’s all it takes.

Just when you think you can go on by yourself without anyone, you realize you can’t. You NEED others. You can’t be a loner. Not and still keep your sanity. Your self growth journey is going to hit some rough spots, that is when your others come through. I use ‘others’ because it could be a friend, family member, or complete stranger.

So if you’re feeling low, do yourself a favor, and talk to someone. It will help.


One thought on “Saved By Another

  1. A very smart puppet once said “you have a friend in me”. That woody made a great friend to buzz and I will always be there if and when you need me!

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