Not My Day

‘It’s a good day, it’s not my day, but it’s a good day.’

That is what I say when I have a tough time with life. And right now, it’s not my day. Sometimes we just have to push through those tough times. It is extremely tough to do, especially when all you want is to curl up and cry yourself to sleep. But in the words of Annie “Tomorrow is just a day away”. I know she says it so much cuter than I do.

There will be times when your self growth journey may hit a rough spot, it’s gonna happen. Hopefully you can shake it off and get back up. However, don’t feel bad if you must take a few days off, or ease back a bit. It’s ok to ease up, sometimes life sends us signals we should listen to.

We need to listen to my life signals. And sometimes our life signals say you’re living out of accord with yourself. Right now that is where I am.

I thought about not posting this, but you guys should know all of us have bad days. It’s not all Raindrops and kittens for anyone.

Any words of encouragement? I could always use them. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Not My Day

  1. Keep on trudging along if anyone can make it I know you can! Just remember, you can’t have rainbows without a little rain, ok sometimes it takes a lot of rain, but water is known to be cleansing.

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