A Deadly Disease That Kills Self Growth


Excusitis is a disease. It’s becoming a pandemic, and I’m guessing you’ve probably never heard of it. That’s because it is a socially acceptable disease. It is the disease of constantly making excuses and it is a self growth killer.

I was busy.
I couldn’t get out of bed.
I was stuck in traffic
I’ll do it tomorrow.
I don’t feel like it.
I have a headache.

You probably have a go to list of your own.

I come down with a case of excusitis.
My Excuse: I deserve a break. I ‘work’ so hard growing that I feel like I need a break, and sometimes it’s deserved, but sometimes it’s just an excuse to do nothing.


If you(we) are going to grow as a person, you HAVE to limit the amount of excuses in your life. You can’t grow and have excuses. You can explain everything away and everyone else may believe you, but you can’t lie to yourself. You know it’s an excuse, no matter how hard you try to fool yourself.


I say it all the time: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You KNOW you’re making an excuse, and you lose a little bit of your integrity with every excuse you accept.

Try this. Make a small promise to yourself, and keep it. NO MATTER WHAT, Keep it. You will increase your integrity and you will feel a billion times better about yourself. And just repeat that process over and over, day after day, and you will be well on your path of self growth.

Note:You’re going to slip sometimes, it’s inevitable, sometimes we have bad days. Shake it off. Get back up. No big deal, just keep going forward. Don’t quit because you mess up once. Don’t make you having a bad day an excuse.


Realize it was a bad day, everyone has them, and get moving again. Don’t use having a bad day as an excuse to quit growing.

Excusitis is a disease, and the cure is to make a promise and keep it. You have to see the symptoms, and take immediate action to fix it. The longer you have had this disease the tougher it will be to get out of your system, but you can do it. I believe in you. Fight through the excuses. Start small, and build your integrity day by day.



3 thoughts on “A Deadly Disease That Kills Self Growth

  1. I have one question. Whenever someone brings this excuse thing up it always brings up my question. What is the difference between an excuse and an explanation? How can you tell the difference? And if there is no difference, then people don’t need explanations? Try telling a teacher that. Or if someone asks why you were late. Does the person just look at them and say they can’t say? It’s all very confusing to me.

  2. This is a great point Theresa.

    An explanation is an excuse. An excuse is an explanation.

    Example: I hang out with my friends every weekend instead of doing other things. I could use that as an excuse or explanation why I didn’t get anything done this weekend. However my friends mean more to me than being productive, so it’s an acceptable excuse, which then would be called an explanation.


    excuse:to offer an apology for; seek to remove the blame of

    explanation:a statement made to clarify something and make it understandable

    To me, when you make an excuse you’re trying to get rid of any blame.

    An explanation you don’t care whether you are still blamed you just want someone to understand your Point of View.


    How about you? What is the difference between excuse and explanation

  3. Explanation vs Excuse

    A battle that I feel will never be answered. For everyone has their own views and some many of these views can be correct.

    My view is this. It is written in every definition of the word excuse…apology. When you use an excuse you are really just apologizing for your own actions. Whether it be you are late because you overslept or you apologize to yourself for not getting anything done.

    Where as an explanation though is is often started out with I’m sorry, you are not apologizing for anything you are just stating a fact of why something is. If someone doesn’t believe you and thinks it is an excuse that doesn’t matter. There was and is nothing you could have done about it.

    When people use one or the other they know which one they are using. When you are using an excuse you know you should have done something or you forgot something and you make up an excuse to apologize rather than just two words, I’m sorry. Plus you get that feeling like you lieing, about to lie, or are actually infact lieing. But if the same problem arises and there is nothing you could have done about it that is when an explanation is used. One quick example, you are late for work traffic was horrible. You tell your boss traffic was horrible. Nothing you could have done about it. You leave the same time every day, today was just bad day. “EXPLANATION” of why you where late. You feel bad sure but bet you leave earlier tomorrow.
    Now the reason you caught bad traffic is because you overslept and now you are trying to use the traffic as an “EXCUSE”. You know you overslept just walk in say I’m sorry and take responsibility for your own actions

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