It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Else Thinks

To quote myself “It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

I said this to a friend of mine who has been doing some soul searching. She’s pregnant and has extra time on her hands, with that time she is trying to find out who she is. So we got into a discussion, and toward the end I came up with that quote. Emphatically so.

I believe this phrase with all my heart. All that matters is what you think. If you think you’re wonderful then you are. If someone else thinks your wonderful it means NOTHING! You have to believe in yourself. You have to love yourself. You have to enjoy your company. You have to go after life. No one else will do these things for you.

I believe essential to self growth is the understanding of this principle. You mold your world, you are in charge of designing it. And all designs begin in the mind. “What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” This is true, and if you don’t believe it with your heart, I think self growth is extremely difficult.

A book that covers this topic extremely well is James Allen “As A Man Thinketh.” It was written in the early 1900s so the sentence structure takes some getting used to. The book is about 20 pages altogether but if you can get through it, which I’ll admit is difficult, then I believe you will be better off because of it.


4 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Else Thinks

  1. Nate,

    You are off to a good start on your blog my young friend. And it warms my heart to see someone embrace growth/improvement/actualization at such an age.

    Our world is improving!

    When I was 23 it was politically incorrect to speak of God in anything but hushed tones and now here you embracing self-growth…

    Good for you.

    As far as what you think – you are much closer to the truth than you know.

    I would tell your friend – that not only is it important what she thinks – but what she thinks is creating her life!

    That makes what you think fairly important I would say.

    Keep it up dude!


  2. I still think it matters a little what other people think about you. If you think you are one way but you are the complete opposite, how can you be sure which way you are? My sister thinks she is a caring happy person. But everyone around her believes her to be very conceited and unhappy. So is she lying to herself or is the world seeing her a completely different way then she thinks she is? This is my hold up.

  3. Let me ask you this, Theresa, how do you know what other people think? Without them actually telling you, how can you determine accurately what they think? Self Growth isn’t about others it’s about you. You can’t tell or control whether your sister is happy or true to herself. You can only control yourself, you can only judge you. Judging her is unfair, if you don’t liek the way she acts tell her and if she doesn’t change stop hanging out with her. A post in the next few nights will elaborate on this point. Stay Tuned.

    Bottom line. The rest of humankind you have to respect for who they are, and if they are bad apples, pray they will change. You can only control you, and therefore it only matters what you think.

  4. They tell me what they think of me. If i’m working to be more optomistic, but someone says they just see me as living in the dream world. That isn’t what i’m striving for. Actually I see it as a loss in my self. I think self improvement should be at least a little about what others think of me. Other wise how do I know if i’m improving or not. Just because I feel good about myself? Well that mean old man who has no family around because they were, to him, “bad apples” says he’s happy, but how happy and improved can he be if he’s all alone?

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