Contentment vs. Happiness

A friend and I got into a discussion on the difference between happiness and contentment. I won’t bore you with the details, but the long and short of it was can you be happy but not content? And can you be content but not happy? And which is better? I believe you can be both. However I would much rather be content than happy.

See contentment isn’t a momentary fleeting feeling. Contentment is when you are alone by yourself reflecting on your life and you feel that inner peace. The sense of completeness, oneness. And often times that contentment can arouse such intense feelings of joy and happiness.

Happiness on the other hand is what you feel when you get off a really cool roller coaster(Kingda Ka anyone?) It is temporary, anyone can have it. And most importantly it can’t arouse contentment. It’s strictly a momentary feeling.

I believe you should experience both. Often. But if you must choose, go for contentment, it’s worth it.

What experiences make you feel happy? Content?


One thought on “Contentment vs. Happiness

  1. I used to think contentment was a horrrible thing. Especially in love. The feeling of being completely comfortable and not feeling the butterfilies of a new relationship bothered me. I thought their was something wrong with me. Then i was told something similiar to your contement to happiness. I was told, by the one I was in the relationship with, that the comfortable feeling was not only normal, but great. And not to worry, the butterflies will show up every now and then. So in short, I am content in my life with days of happiness.

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