Happy Earth Day

Earth Day
Happy Earth Day.

Ironically, I’ve only seen one of the blogs I read mention Earth Day. I must admit the blogs I read tend to support environmentally friendly practices, but only 1 mention of Earth Day. Surprising.

I wanted to make sure to mention it. “Why Nate? Why mention the environment in a self growth blog?” Simple, as the world and mother nature go, so do we. I believe being more concerned with self growth will naturually lead you to be more concious of your impact on other beings. By beings I mean other humans, animals, and the environment.

And so I have decided to write a message to my second mother, Mother Nature:

Dear Mom,

I love you. You give me so many wonderful things. I don’t often talk to you, or express my appreciation, but it’s there. It’s there in every molecule of H2O you have created. I hope you continue to thrive, and forgive us for our transgressions. I wish you the best, and I promise to make an effort to keep my transgressions to a minimum. With Love. Nate.


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