Advice Can Be Destructive

Advice is a strange thing. I’ve never realized until now what a destructive force it can be for a person who doesn’t know who they are, what they want, or where they are going.

By now I know I want to be a good father, and a good husband. PERIOD. If I had nothing else in my life I would consider myself a success. And if I don’t get those 2 things I will have failed life.

Some people don’t know those things that clearly. Therein lies the danger. Let’s look at life as a puzzle. And let’s say each piece of advice is like a piece to that puzzle. If you don’t know what the puzzle looks like, how do you know where each piece goes?

You have to know what your puzzle looks like to know what pieces to use and where they go. What that means is before you start, figure out what you want in life. Don’t randomly piece things together and hope you get what you want. You won’t. Sit down figure it out. It might take you a year of thinking OR MORE to figure it out, but eventually you should figure it out. And when you do, THEN you can put your pieces together. Then you will know what advice to follow and what not to.

Until then, be VERY wary of advice. Make sure it applies to your situation. That includes this advice I am giving. I will not be hurt if you reject my advice. I don’t know everything. And you are 100% different from me, so this might not be for you.

What does your puzzle look like?


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