Is The World Worse Off Without You?

Imagine that there were a such a thing as destiny, and we each were meant to do something in our lives. Something particular. One thing we felt called to do.

What happens then, if we DIDN’T follow our calling? What if instead of helping the poor, we shunned it because it didn’t pay enough and instead we became a manager of XYZ Inc. What happens? Does someone else fill that void or because we didn’t do what we were destined to do, the world and mankind are a little worse off?

I’m not sure I believe in destiny, but I do believe we were given special skills to accomplish a task no one else can accomplish. That makes me wonder what happens if we don’t follow along with that special skill? Does the world get worse? Or does it not matter?

I vote that it gets worse.

What’s your vote?


One thought on “Is The World Worse Off Without You?

  1. I could be completely wrong, but if a person believes in destiny then doesn’t that mean they believe everything in their life, down to every aspect, is beyond their control? That no matter if they take job a or job b then either one leads then to thier “purpose”?

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